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10 ways to Pick the best martial art for you. Lets us help you with 30 DAYS FREE. This comes with 2 Free Private lessons. ( $199.00) Value.

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Coach Ed

Hello my name is Coach Ed.  My first experience and training began with Primal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self defense. I have been training over 6 years and this has been the best experience of my life. In my short career here at Primal Training Center I have achieved the rank of Brown Belt and COACH. If your looking for a school with a family culture, good people in a safe environment come to Primal.  I will make it my personal goal to help and guide all new students with a Free Private lesson to help you learn at the same accelerated pace. In my career and training under Professor D. Davis I have titles in all major events of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world ranked I.B.J.J.F.  My greatest accomplishment would be competing at a high level and wining the world Gracie Jiu Jitsu challenge fights.

2017 Congratulations Coach Ed on the Black Belt. 

Coach Ed Come in for your 30 Days FREE and Private Lesson.

Congrats Coach Ed On the Black Belt 2017.

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Its your first day, what to expect?

Primal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu starts your foundation in traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense.  What to expect? The best advice we give everyone on the first day is to HAVE FUN. Come in with a open mind, ready to have fun with a group of like minded enthusiastic team mates. We understand you have many choices for fitness and martial arts and in saying that we over deliver in our 30 day FREE TRIAL which includes FREE Private lesson and special new sign up gifts. To help you get the best out of your training we focus on your goals in training and develop a fully customized training and fitness system. Taking a moment to address a key difference between Primal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and traditional martial arts Karate, Tae Kwon DO, and Kung Fu is each of the system can only be taught one way. If it requires a high kick or jumping kick that’s what the curriculum calls for.  Professor D. Davis philosophy is based on one key element most black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the world can’t claim. Achieving your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in 5 years. This type of education helps accelerate success in training. Professor D. Davis and the entire coaching organization works within this curriculum module. Primal Jiu Jitsu takes the very new student open the door to understanding how to defend yourself against the bigger stronger opponent.  This system is steeped in foundation of developing your strengths and understanding your areas of work needed.


  • Are you a competitor? Do you want to train with WORLD CHAMPION BLACK BELT?

    30 Days Free Brazilian Jiu jitsu

    Train where the Journey matters, the training counts and heart Builds Champions

    All martial arts are different, and each serve to make each of us better people. When you begin any martial art always begin that search with the instructor and personal experience. I always encourage every new student to start with a program that offers 30 DAYS FREE. This will allow the new student to know if they found the right fit.

Primal Brazilian JIU JITSU San DIEGO Schedule

How to Pick your Martial Arts SCHOOL or Training Center? Every systems leads with why or how they are better. This is not our approach, our main focus is on each students PERSONAL GOALS.  If your just starting out self defense and fitness training we welcome you with 30 days FREE including  FREE Private Lesson Free Private Fitness training and all the tools to begin your journey to BLACK BELT.



  1.  Location
  2. Instructor
  3. Students you train with
  4. Clean and Welcoming Area
  5. Having FUN

Start today have fun meet new people and begin the growth of your personal best in fitness self defense.

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Private lessons allow you to learn at your own pace, and become the best you can be.

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Women's Self Defense San Diego Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Ladies Of Primal 30 Days FREE.
Tuesday & Thursday 6PM

Why you need self-defense in San Diego as a woman?




The worse fear could be realized one day. It does not have to be when you expect it but when you don’t. Self defense for a woman should develop a support system focused on all aspects of training to make you the best fighter you can be on and off the mats. Training in primal Jiu Jitsu involves a full self defense curriculum based on boxing, kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Let's look at what Primal Training Center’s personal mission statement to all women interested in training self defense and fitness. We want you to have fun first and a safe training experience. This comes in the form of training with the very best and competition tested women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in San Diego.


What to expect? FUN. You will come in meet the team, get settled with your training “GI” and begin your first day of training with a series of yoga and deep stretching. This is followed up with both fitness and self -defense warm up. Each beginning series is only for short durations of 5:00 minutes. We want you to feel good about your work out, feel like you have set new goals, meet new friends and begin a lifestyle change for the better. Come in for Primal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self-Defense and start your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.


Check out the video for the ladies made by the ladies.


  • Why 30 DAYS FREE with such an amazing team? We are that confident you will enjoy our program and want to continue your training. When you come in you will be set up with one of our Coaches who will provide you with a tour and FREE Private Lesson. This Private lesson and why it’s so valuable is we understand people have not done this kind of training before and it’s our goal to show you our training center in the best light with the best instructors. Primal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Women’s self defense coaches all have real world competition experience and in fact all are GOLD MEDAL winners. What this means to the new student “FAMILY MEMBER” is they understand what your concerns are and ready to answer any and all questions on the spot. This is that time to have a Private lesson and fully immerse yourself in the culture of Women’s self defense. Training should be fun and digestible to the person just beginning. Let's focus on setting goals, learning self-defense, and getting in the best mental and physical shape you have ever been in. Our Guarantee to you is this plain and simple.

  • Have Fun
  • 30 Days FREE
  • FREE Private Lesson


Women’s Self Defense 30 Days Free

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30 DAYS FREE MMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

30 Days Free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Men Women Kids


10 Blacks Belts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Storm Primal !!!!

Talent builds Talent, when you have access to world champions it only makes YOU better.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a rare art for many great reasons. I find one key that can only be found in this art is the ability to travel the world and TRAIN. If you go to any school on the planet that has a legitimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program you would be welcomed to train. No other martial art has that kind of global reach and respect. Your experience will change and new information is gained. Primal Training Center Hosted the only seminar in the world with 10 Black Belts consisting of Several World Champions, American National Champions and amazing school owners. WHY?... because Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a global community built on making each one of us as a student better in our day to day lives.

30 Days FREE

Largest Black Belt Seminar in the world.

Learn How I earned my Black Belt in 5 Years

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is by far the most effective form of Martial Arts being practiced today. Fitness, mental toughness and the team spirit of training. Learn the secret to getting your Black Belt in 5 years.

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One final thought  that we feel is often overlooked when starting a new activity or training program. This last jewel of success is the one key I hold true to giving back to my students. How do we achieve our "PERSONAL BEST" that's our key. Focus on your individual daily goals with honest expectations of how much you put into your training. I bring up one of the most amazing things is talking to other black belts and understanding 95% of them all achieved their honor of Black Belt long after 14+ plus years and I did it in a modest 5 years.  I bring that same fire and passion to the training mat everyday to pull and support my students to achieve their Personal Best.  Come in for your Personal Best 30 Days FREE Training.

30 DAYS Free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense

Let us make a firm commitment to have a open mind, enjoy ourselves and the future of good training, fun experience and getting into the best shape of your life. Fitness , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts. We have full class schedule to fit all levels of training begging all the way to the experienced competitor for men, women and kids.

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