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Why you need self-defense in San Diego as a woman?



Women's self defense and fitness is now being offered full time 5 days week Primal Training Center located in San Diego Scripps Ranch.  These classes are designed for  all levels from just starting out to seasoned athlete. Women's self Defense and fitness has two types of classes the full Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense training program which entails the traditional martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self defense made famous by its technique allowing the smaller victim to defend against attackers many times lager. This Primal Jiu Jitsu was developed through rigorous years of full contact competition by Professor D. Davis 3rd Degree Black Belt. This exact same knowledge of leverage and timing as been directly handed down to all of the ladies who train currently with Professor D.Davis and the entire Primal Training Center coaching team. This experience is like no other martial art experience in the fact you will begin with a FREE Private LESSON, from that point partnered with a coach to help you through every step of your training.


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30 Days FREE Ladies ONLY Self Defense

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Ladies Only Self Defense

30 Days Free San Diego Ladies Self Defense and Fitness


If you enjoy a total ladies only training experience we offer that as well. This class is ladies only led by amazing coaches who are decorated athletes at the highest levels of martial arts and boxing. These class are focus driven to achieve maximum results in as little as 90 days. The ladies of Primal Self Defense and Fitness incorporate every tool at the disposal from ladies only self defense classes along side the use with your very own Private Fitness personal trainer in our very own Private Fitness gym.


The worse fear could be realized one day. It does not have to been when you expect it but when you don’t. Self defense for a woman should develop a support system focused on all aspects of training to make you the best fighter you can be on and off the mats. Training in Primal Jiu Jitsu involves a full self defense curriculum based on boxing, Kick Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Lets look at what Primal Training Center’s personal mission statement to all women interested in training self defense and fitness. We want you to have fun first and a safe training experience. This comes in the form of training with the very best and competition tested women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in San Diego.



30 Days FREE

30 Days Free Primal Ladies Only Self Defense


What to expect? FUN. You will come in meet the team, get settled with your training “GI” and begin your first day of training with a series of yoga and deep stretching. This is followed up with both fitness and self -defense warm up. Each beginning series is only for short durations of 5:00 minutes. We want you to feel good about your work out, feel like you have set new goals, met new friends and began a lifestyle change for the better. Come in for Primal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self-Defense and start your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.




  • Why 30 DAYS FREE with such an amazing team? We are that confident you will enjoy our Program and want to continue your training. When you come in you will be set up with one of our Coaches who will provide you with a tour and FREE Private Lesson. This Private lesson and why it’s so valuable is we understand people have not done this kind of training before and it’s our goal to show you our training center in the best light with the best instructors. Primal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Women’s self Defense coaches all have real world competition experience and in fact all are GOLD MEDAL winners. What this means to the new student “FAMILY MEMBER” is they understand what your concerns are and ready to answer any and all questions on the spot. This is that time to have a Private lesson and fully immerse your self in the culture of Women’s self Defense. Trainnig should be fun and digestible to the person just beginning. Lets focus on setting goals learning self-defense getting in the best mental and physical shape you have ever been in. Our Guarantee to you is this plane and simple.


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